Friday, January 03, 2014

SlimPort Display Mirroring

Most sensible Smartphones these days use a Micro USB connector to charge and connect the phone to the outside world.

Additionally most 2013+ Smartphones support the SlimPort standard.

Connection is pretty easy ...

  • I bought this tiny SlimPort adapter from ebay for connection to my Nexus 5 smartphone
  • It does not come with a power adapter
  • Plug the white SlimPort adapter into your phone and then to a screen via a male to male fullsize HDMI cable
  • Plug in the power so that your phone charges at the same time

I did not have to enable anything on the phone, the picture just started working.

And quite magically the sound is played via the HDMI cable on the internal speakers on my ASUS screen.

I would caution that this is the 2nd SlimPort adapter I have bought.  The first one just did not work, hence follow this link  to be sure to order the same one if you are using a Nexus 5

If am travelling I could use this SlimPort adapter to view movies or say YouTube content directly onto a large screen, or with a Bluetooth keyboard use my Nexus 5 and a big screen as a makeshift workstation.  Marvellous!

What is SlimPort