Thursday, January 30, 2014

Siemens C610 IP Phone Review

This is a short review of the Siemens/ Gigaset 610 IP phone.

This phone has dual functionality

  1. A regular cordless Analog telephone
  2. An IP phone
It does not have an answering machine facility and we did not want one, so that's good.

It is small and efficient and is powered by 2 Rechargeable AA batteries which are automatically charged as it sits in its petite docking station.

The phone comes in 2 parts.  The phone as shown above which talks wirelessly upto a range of about 10 metres, and second a separate and powered Base station.

To use it as an Analog phone (only) you would connect in your phone line, and power the base station.  (Middle socket about, in our case unconnected)

The base station then talks wireless to your phone.

To use it as an IP telephone instead  (or in addition) you connect a cable from the base station to the internet or in our case via a Switch and some Firewalls, and eventually to our Optical Internet Router.

Other Noteworthy Points
We connected a Siemens Headset/ microphone to the jack on the left side of the phone.  Works brilliantly.  (I'm not sure this headset is still available and you may need L410 hands free instead)

The unit is really inexpensive.

Small size.  Good Simple phone menu.

Phone quality (via our Internet SIP connection) is fantastic.

Tell us about the Web Gui
Even if you use the phone for pure Analogue Telephony it's useful to connect the Ethernet/ internet so that your phone gets information (like the weather) from the Internet!

The GUI allows you to set various parameters including what is displayed on the phone.  We have chosen the local weather forecast.  Displaying eBay or currency prices we think can be done better on our Computer/ Mobiles!

What is IP Telephony?
For us we have given up  i.e. cancelled our Analog Telephone line completely.  We only have an Internet connection and we use a third party (i.e. non Swisscom) series of providers to provide us with a SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) telephone connection instead.

I will cover the exact setup of our SIP connection in a separate article shortly.

But to summarise:  We don't pay for an Analog Telephone line which saves money.   We have a SIP, Internet connected phone which is ridiculously cheap.  We also find the SIP dials and connects instantly compared to the old analog. Again, exact setup details to follow soon.

But What About Skype or Google Plus
Skype and Google Plus are actually the other two forms of communication that we use and we don't use the C610 for that.  Rather both Agata and Marcus have Logitech Wireless Headphones that can be generally used instead


The Siemens C610 IP makes an ideal inexpensive Analog or IP telephone.  

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