Thursday, January 02, 2014

Philips HR2752 Juicer

Agata was to spend a few days away and naturally Marcus packed up the backup Juicer  for her because our Lausanne apartment now has the upgraded model

Unfortunately in the rush the juicer was left behind and so there was no option except to buy a replacement!

Now I know what you are thinking.   You want to invite us round and explain that your Nespresso machine is missing and would we mind ....

Anyway,  a moderately economical  90USD (80 CHF) later the Philips HR2752 juicer was purchased.

Here is the mini review:

As with out previous juicers this is suitable to juice liquid from fruit cut in half e.g. an Orange.

There is a cable tidy so that minimum wires are displayed and rubber feet to stop it sliding.

The three washable components are the bottom plastic tray, the upper metal filter and the plastic top juicer that rotates when you press a half cut orange/ grapefruit down and engage the 85 Watt motor

  • The juicer is amazingly quiet
  • Yet it is plenty strong enough to juice with ease what has been tried
  • The juicing spout has a click stop mechanism so in the upper position juice does not flow and is retained inside until you need it in the lower tray

With the prices of a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice in Switzerland exceeding 10CHF per litre vs raw materials cost of <5CHF you can see that your investment is repaid in less than 1 month.

HR2752 Juicing Video