Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year Sermon: In the House

Defected: New Years Eve 2013

On New Years Eve most people head out to Party. It is a chance for Community.  For Smiles.  For Dancing.

Bob Sinclair:Rock This Party

Imagine you went out this evening and had a really good time.

Ibiza 2012
No alcohol, no drugs

Tiësto vs Diplo:C'Mon

Just water, smiles, and dancing.

Later when you returned home you consulted your religious text which to your surprise informed you that neither music nor dancing for your own pleasure was permitted.

Defected:2013 Highlights 

Then you realised many other religions did not have this prohibition and even encouraged liberal minded, live and let live behavior

Sandy Rivera & DJ Rae:Hide U

You consulted your Spiritual Leaders.  They confirmed it.

If however you believed that your innermost feelings were correct then your Religion was ?

Happy New Year 2014 to all.  
And keep on dancing. 

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