Monday, January 13, 2014

Doing business in America

Before I heard the Christmas message for Edward Snowdon
I had certain knowledge in 2012 from a previous client that they were thinking of limiting or even eliminating their IT Business footprint in the USA for reasons of Data Security.

I can only muse what they must be thinking now. Now that we have an avalanche of facts that feed into the psyche of the most hard bitten conspiracy theorist.

In essence then, as everybody now knows the US Government has for sometime in conjunction with it's allies  (the UK for example) been engaged in a comprehensive covert information gathering activity.  

The NSA telephone data collection deemed legal

NSA Intercepted Packages

NSA intercepted packages in order to insert surveillance technology into them

NSA asked Linus to put backdoors into Linux

To Protect and Infect part2
From the recent CCC conference a long video detailing many horrific intrusions into our privacy courtesy of NSA

No Data in the USA
Many corporates signing Cloud Data hosting contracts are now asking for providers to ensure that data is not stored in America, for fear that their data will be harvested without their consent

The commonly held view is that Americans value their own privacy.  In other words they are outraged if their own liberties and privacy are flouted, but at the same time most Americas believe it is fair game to spy on other countries.

But with these revelations; here in Europe we are happy to piggyback on the outrage of most Americans citizens  and declare that mass scale surveillance must not flout the law and must be declared, and thus if necessary opposed and terminated.