Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cloud Storage - Are You Crazy?

Somebody very dear to my heart lives in rural England.  They do have scenic views, the sound of Birds chirping merrily throughout the day.   But what they also have is

The Worlds Slowest Internet Connection

No Mobile Internet

And in 2014 this is becoming a real issue.  You see even in the 1990's in the post IBM PC Computer revolution, the rule of thumb was that

An analog phone line can at best manage 33.6K bits/second

This equivalences to about 4K Bytes per second 

And so in the UK, and most of Europe there was equality in terms of Internet Access speed whether you lived in the Countryside or in the City.

But then  Telephone exchanges because digital and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)  technology completely changed our view of the possible.  So sitting at home now in Northern Lausanne we now experience

Crazy Fast Internet

And so, back to Cloud Storage.  The Basic Idea is that you will begin to store your Primary Data not on local hard disks at home but on a Central Server, which because it is connected via a sufficiently fast

link to your local Internet provider will make for a viable experience.

And assuming your Provider does not go bankrupt, is not hacked, and has the technology and resources to provide you with a 24x7 fault tolerant connection, you can

  • Access your data, anywhere, anytime, any place
  • Delegate the responsibility for availability and backup to them
  • Release you from the need to maintain a home Computer Storage Infrastructure

Microsoft OneDrive

I will shortly be reviewing and documenting my choice of Cloud Storage providers, and my current Cloud Storage solution, something I have been testing for the last 12 months.

Even at home in Lausanne with our new found stratospheric sustained Upload Speeds, it's still barely workable.  To be continued....

The 56K bits dialup speed
Modems and 33.6K bits/second