Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Being Young and Unemployed today

Time may be marching on but unless there is a Doctor Who style or medically assisted Regeneration, Marcus and Agata now have to admit to entering Middle Age.

We are not you teenagers or graduates entering the labour market.  And for that we are eternally grateful:

Here is what we see:

  • The Pace of all aspects of 21st Century living  (except childbirth) has radically accelerated.  Many gifted students ask: Do I really have to study until my mid twenties just to get a job.  Isn't there a shortcut?  Unfortunately not for the many,  we can't all be Zuckerberg.
  • An infinity of ways not to study: Social media enables you to chat all day, for free, usually meaninglessly to your friends.  It does not fill you with knowledge to pass that Computer Network Protocols course.
  • The University system of UK now follows US and makes you take out a loan for living costs and tuition.   They make a Government loan available so that on graduation you have a debt of tens of thousands GBP/Dollars to repay.
  • In most non first world countries the proportion of younger people is high.  This is leading to population explosive pressures: example ridiculous competition in this age sector,  huge unemployment  (since there are just not the jobs)
(Example: 2007 Pakistan statistic: 63% of population is under 25.  What a disaster!)

  • Labour markets are not setup to train, educate or employ these vast numbers of young people.
  • In Western countries youth unemployment is high but those of racial minorities higher still.  Factors include the lower academic results, particularly of some male minorities leading reduced chances in the job market even before discrimination is applied
  • Disaffected minority youths are easy targets for Religious Fundamentalism, Extremism and other alternative lifestyles that promise and out, and a counter democratic/ destructive

So whilst in our household, we have Marcus's unemployment, at least it is not Youth unemployment!