Monday, January 20, 2014

Becoming YouTube

Today I will re report the broken Swisscom Internet TV that we have been experiencing for the last month.  But as you will see it is becoming of a so what than a real issue.

It is important that it is fixed because we pay a small fortune for our Swiss Internet connection and part of that cost is the 100 channel plus TV package that we cannot unsubscribe from.

Why does is it not critical?

Because as of 2014 most of our video is streamed on demand and a good proportion is from YouTube.

Here is how it works

  • Obviously you have a gmail userid and logon to YouTube using that
  • You subscribe to YouTube channels i.e. users or corporations whose content you find interesting
  • You can be notified of new videos, but personally I like to daily surf what is new, else I would be bombarded and distracted with these notifications.
  • Using my portable e.g. Chromebook I load the Youtube video
  • Using the Chromekey I redirect any YouTube Video directly onto my TV
  • Using my portable's keyboard I can pause, replay or skip to particular video sections
  • Using Youtube playlists I can setup a much longer sequence

This is video on demand, about topics that I have personally selected, played on the device of my choice.

What could be better!

So whilst I want to get the Swisscom TV fixed, I would rather have an unsubscribe, cheaper Internet subscription option, we really really don't watch TV any more

And so as proof,  5 you simply have to watch