Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Almost Portable in 2014

So it is already 2014  and Agata and Marcus are still meandering towards a more minimalist and portable lifestyle.

Traditionally the start of a New Year is an opportunity to refine what things we really need  (in terms of possessions),  think about our goals and lifestyle for the forthcoming year, make plans for Sports Challenges, and figure out if technology has finally advanced to the point where we can lead a fully portable digital lifestyle.

Removing Physicals
We are still following the 12 month rule and continuing to prune what clothes/ possessions we own.  The most important principle though is not to keep buying new stuff

We did pretty well over Christfsmas 2013.  Together we managed NOT to buy any jumpers or tops or jackets.  Our total buy was just 1 pair of thermal running trousers and 2 pair of socks and 1 pair of shoes.  Pretty good huh!

Paperless Existence
We try to generate or consume absolutely as little paper as possible, and anything that is received is wherever possible recycled.

  • No paper magazines
  • No paper statements
  • No newspapers
And of course now all our documents have been scanned so we have instant access to our entire lifetimes documentation: every school book, every University jotting, every Photographic print and negative, every receipt.  All available via a single local hard disk or its encrypted cloud mirror. Portable.

No CD or DVD or Blu-ray 
I used to use CDROM (700MB) then DVD (4GB) then DVD (8GB) then Blu-Ray (25GB) disks for secondary backup. But as technology has moved on I realise it is not time efficient or sustainable.   A 100 stack of 8GB DVD gives 0.8TB storage, and whilst it is longterm for at least 20 years  (so they tell me) it does not compare in volume, weight or even price to 4TB SATA2 disk storage.

So this Christmas; with guillotine in hand I've been destroying hundreds of DVDs.  Not only my data backups but original movies,  since I can't find them any home. Goodbye data and I refer all to the disk based Backup Panarnoia and 3 copy strategy that I use today

Faster Portable Internet

Over the Holiday period we tested out living with just a portable Internet. Peaking at just over 2GB per day usage on YouTube and other media sites it's technologically possible. But depending on country e.g. USA, Switzerland: ridiculously expensive.  Hopefully that will change by 2015.

Cloud Backups
I have been testing several Cloud Storage providers for almost one year.  When I have something 100% Bullet proof I will of course document it here.  Watch this space. 

In summary, technology is almost to a point enabling us to take a lifetimes music, media, magazines and have it backed up and accessed via the cloud.  Our target goal of a technology enabled, Globally mobile lifestyle from 2015 is still on track.