Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Two Party System

Going to a party at the Marcus and Agata household is a pretty rare occurrence.

So going to 2 parties in one night, is well, just something unheard of!

But hey, it is coming up to Christmas and so when an American friend Lily announced a Thanksgiving dinner we felt excited to join.

Lily is a strong cyclist and we thought the company   (enthusiastic athletes) and the food (healthy turkey) would be to our liking.   We were not disappointed. Marcus found a couple who had a cycling honeymoon, an amazing mountain biker, and another cyclist who like me, hates getting their bicycle dirty.  And many other interesting moments.

And the night was not over yet,  After a further walk in sub zero temperatures we arrived back in West Lausanne to party#2. And then after that party and an hour plus walk, in uber cold temperatures we were home.

So good food, good company, good wine, and more than 2 hours of exercise.   Good times