Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Radio Times

To go by its literal name

The Radio Times

would be a publication that lists the schedule of Radio Programmes in England.

In fact this is how it more or less started out as I remember

It was a weekly to guide to BBC broadcasting Radio Programmes

Then later,  BBC Television was added

When ITV  (Independent) Television started broadcasting there was a similar magazine called TV Times, so you had to buy both paper magazines

Then in a merge  both BBC and ITV television programmes were included in the same magazine and BBC radio too.

The biggest upheaval in my memory was the change to separate out the TV from the radio programmes in the same magazine.  The days TV and Radio were next to each other, then in a shocking change, the week of radio programming was separated out to the end of the magazine.

I mention all of this because I recently found an early 1974 issue!  Of course it is now scanned....

And the full scan is here

Radio Times May 1974