Monday, December 16, 2013

Salomon S-LAB XT 6

One of the pleasant side effects of long distance running is that you get to change your shoes frequently.

Shoes wear out!

I recommend Salomon S-LAB shoes for off road and trail running, in wet and dry, but not snowy conditions.

Now that the winter has arrived I expect the 300Km plus monthly total to rise, because road bike cycling will be both impractical and dangerous when icy roads become frequent.

 A great looking shoe, although the colours are a bit loud [Good for Christfsmas though!]

The heel has a standard, ie.  high raise.  This is not a front foot, forefoot running shoe  (thank goodness).

A completely different tread, lots of small patterns, compared to my S-LAB 5's (wth bigger blocks).

Finally the quick lacing system that I absolutely love.   You can not only put the shoes on and off more quickly  (good for triathlon) but on a race with varying terrain you can quickly stop and adjust tension for a more challenging terrain segment.

Minor annoyance:  SLAB5  345 grams per shoe, SLAB6 352 grams.  They are heavier.  Marginal.

Overall,   I've done about 100Km and so far

  • Shoe fits perfectly.   As with the SLAB5 the fit is wide at the front.  Inside the shoe are really soft surfaces
  • At the back the foam around the top of the back of the shoe holds feet (like mine) with a shallow heel
  • The quick lacing system is excellent
  • Shoes feel rigid at the base like an off road shoe should

It's just as good as SLAB5 but no better in my opinion


Salomon S-LAB XT 6 at wiggle
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