Friday, December 20, 2013

Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills

Subtitle: Not Porsche Salt Mills!

Agata has a standing joke with Marcus, substituting Peugeot for Porsche in general conversation.  Shall we hire the Peugeot 997 or 991 always gets me going.

So when I told Agata I was going to buy the famous Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills, she thought I was making a joke too.

But no, Peugeot has for some time made excellent Salt and Pepper cellars/ Mills

They have now arrived and:

  • The build quality is very high.  I am extremely pleased

  • Good attention to detail
  • Each unit has 3 batteries!
  • When you operate the electric grinding mechanism there is also a tiny LED light that illuminates what you are grinding upon - excellent.
  • No thanks to Swiss customs, who charged us 9 CHF duty (fair), but also +20CHF just for inspection.  As usual daylight robbery. Package sent from just across the border in France.

  • Goodbye to the old IKEA unit, which lasted years.  

We will grind in style this Christfsmas day, meanwhile we will end with a song

Timberland vs Salt/n/pepper

Peugeot Alaska Salt Mill
Peugeot Alaska Pepper Mill