Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notebooks and Tablets for Christmas

There is /almost/ an infinity of choice when it comes to modestly priced (and performing) laptops and tablets for Christmas.

Our shortlist:

HP Chromebook 14

Whilst not perfect the price is quite low.   The annoying factors for this Chromebook are
a) No Backlit keyboard
b) No touchscreen
c) Heavy as hell!

Dell Venue 11 Pro

a) 2GB Memory and 32bit Windows

Acer Haswell Chromebook C720

Not as athetically pleasing as HP Chromebook 11 (2013) , but works a lot faster

Microsoft Surface 2 Pro

Actually quite good!

Asus Transformer Trio

A real trendsetter
a) High resolution screen, but rather small
b) Spinning Hard disk - dumb!
c) No Backlit Keyboard

Lenovo Touch U430

Looks good to me
a) Not uber expensive
b) Ethernet Port
c) Available with 8GB memory
d) Backlit Keyboard
e) Lowres screen but it's large
f) Faster processor and highres screen models not available anywhere!

Hopes for 2014

  • Decent Chromebook, with a higher spec not a lower price
  • Apple to enter the touchscreen Laptop market  (or do they just want you to buy both a tablet AND a laptop?)