Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nexus 5, case attempt #1

The problem with a beautiful Smartphone, such as the Nexus 5 is that any case is liable to obscure such magnificence.

However in the last few weeks I have 3 times almost dropped it onto concrete from a 1 metre height.

Given that I broke the back of the Nexus 4 phone the top picture is my first attempt to save the situation.

a) Plastic Ziploc bag for waterproofing - essential if in rucksack belt pocket since, body moisture on a 2 hour+ run is inevitable

b) Neoprene sleeve, which is actually a Decathlon Swimming band, cut and trimmed to fit  (and stitched at one end). 22 grams including the plastic bag.

Just yesterday my first attempt at a more stylish case arrived:

21 grams and translucent

So we are upto 151 grams: Case, Nexus 5, micro SIM

This is the eBay store  http://stores.ebay.co.uk/nillkinstore/

I think it was this one that I ordered

Here is the evaluation so far

  • The case cost 1GBP including postage from China to Switzerland.  How is that possible!
  • It is quite soft and squidgy
  • However for me too thick, well especially on the sides because despite a recess I can't easily get to the volume or power buttons, and with winter gloves on, well its going to be somewhat impossible?
  • The protruding camera lens is now recessed!
  • Thin enough so it can still fit  (phone + case) into my neoprene sleeve, if super paranoid!
Overall I think you DO need a case for N5.  Although it's so thin and svelte and sexy on its own, it would end in tears sooner rather than later.

I think I will surf for a better case.  Again, eBay is of course the best place.