Saturday, December 21, 2013

Honestly, we build 2 decent Sports Cars

A small and effective closed circuit operates in America to convince all true Americans that the Chevrolet Corvette is the best Sportscar in the world

a) American Motoring journalists are told so and repeat it in magazine copy
b) American consumers believe the magazines

Of course the system breaks down slightly whenever an American consumer actually drives a European Sportscar. From Mini Cooper, to Audi R8, to Ferrari 458, it's a one way ticket to shame.

And so with every successive generation Americans get the chance to hope that the gap between American and European models is not so large as to be embarrassing.

With the launch of the new Ford Mustang, we now have 2 overall contenders  (Viper is niche)

  1. Chrevrolet Corvette Stingray
  2. Ford Mustang 2014 year  (called 2015 in US)

I want to focus here on the Mustang, which is the entry level /True American/ Sportscar.

  • +The Mustang looks macho, but not overly so
  • +It has some nice details

  • -- Dashboard/ Interior though much improved is still no comparison to Europe/ Japan

Unfortunately IMHO they have stuck with prior Mustang generation styling cues.

  • -- Did you forget about Dual Clutch Transmission, the one that gives you faster than manual shift times, with the pleasure of an auto?
  • - Never had 4WD before, and I guess not now either.  So in the wet or snow ??
  • = Vitals of 1600Kg+ and 4.78m long mean quite a midweight, long car.

  • +Independent rear suspension on most models, means some chance of going round corners

  • +Good range of Engines with the possibility of a smaller and lighter and more economical turbo

Overall though?
If I had to choose between Mustang and Subaru BRZ, I'm sorry to say scooby would win every time :-(

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