Monday, December 09, 2013

Do let me Drone On

Of course to me, the announcement by Amazon top guy Jeff Bezos, regarding personalised helicopter delivery of your order (Amazon Prime Air) directly to your door was brilliant.

Yes, brilliant as a marketing exercise, that just by coincidence was made just after Thanksgiving and before Cyber Monday.

Yes, all that publicity did ensure that the AMZN share price went to record highs.

What About Amazon Prime?
I had always wanted to try Amazon Prime.  (Prime Air would be an increment on that).

On my UK Amazon account I checked

Looks good right?

So no fast delivery to our home in Switzerland.  Hmmm.

But what happens if I join ...

Ah, so because Amazon Switzerland is run by Amazon Germany, you can only get fast delivery to Germany.

So, once more in a sort of reciprocal, you make it difficult for us Switzerland and we respond fashion, Switzerland is sidelined.   Oh crap.

Back to Amazon Prime Air

  • Okay, on the day it was a publicity stunt that worked.  But could it really work?
  • Engineering:  I actually checked.  A small drone could carry about 600 grams, and have a flying time  of less than 30 minutes.

    Assuming a speed of 30Km/h then your home would need to be located no more than 7.5Km from an Amazon depot.  That is a lot of depots.

Or maybe you could use a bigger 2.62 metre long drone !

  • Safety:  Anything with high speed revolving blades has the capacity to injure and even decapitate animals and people.
  • Collisions: You need sensors to prevent drones crashing into other drones, animals, or commercial flying objects.
  • Theft: Unless you are in to receive the package, wouldn't most packages just get stolen?
  • Gardenist:  I live in an apartment, where is my package going to be delivered to?
  • Robbery: In countries with guns, people could shoot them down for looting!
  • Environmental: Small drones use Electricity, larger ones Petrol.  So we'll be burning a lot of petrol then?
  • Cost Benefit: Can this really be economical?

Current Audience: Retired or unemployed, loyal Amazon customer, living close to an Amazon depot, in the countryside, insistent on receiving packages immediately without regard to the environment.

Overall then, I applaud Jeff's vision.  But: assuming Jeff is indeed serious, he has some serious work to do.

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