Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christfsmas Present List

Without wishing to make the reader feel nauseous I can confidently say that for Marcus and Agata most every day feels as /joyous/ as Christfsmas day.

But when it comes to seasonal Dec 25th presents, what might we be delighted to receive.

  1. Agata - Apple iPhone 5S
  2. Marcus&Agata - A Camper Van
  3. Marcus - A decent Job
  4. Agata - Apple iPad Air
  5. Marcus - Personal fitness instructor & Gym
  6. Agata&Marcus - Unlimited Massage coupons
  7. Marcus - Google Pixel Laptop
  8. Marcus&Agata - A kitten (and house with a Garden)
  9. Marcus - 4K Screen infrastructure
  10. Agata&Marcus - 1Gbit internet at home

If Kitty Santa could oblige with any of the above we would be forever grateful.