Monday, December 23, 2013

Annoying Gadgets

Although I love Gadgets, they do have to be useful.  And so I've made a list of a few things I hope never to  own

1. Ferrari 458 (aka F451)

It will just catch fire, or break down.  I don't need that level of uncertainty.

2. Portable USB Battery Packs

I use something called a power socket.  Unless you are genuinely away from mains power, yet with capacity to carry a heavy just in case charged battery around all the time ...  It is just ridiculous

3. Small Emergency Torch

Get a Smartphone which has includes a flash.  Come on!

4. Seat Belt Cutter

Each human being in a Western Country is likely to be trapped in a car whose belts do not open less than once per lifetime.   It's just something that we don't need

5. Keyfinder

Whistle within a few metres and the Keyfinder responds. Within a few meters is the clue to its uselessness!

6. 5 minute Mask

You may detect a pattern here. With no exceptions that I can think of today I am against carrying or keeping any /just in case/ gadget, where the just in case might happen about <= once in my lifetime. 

So if you send me any of these for Christmas,  Ferrari included I promise to return them.