Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Sports Review

Agata and Marcus would like to think that we not only try hard, but harder.  

During 2013 we participated in many more competitions than you see below.  Full details as ever are in the pages of our daily Blog  and now also saved for posterity on our website.  So for example to search for all our Marathon reports google

marathon site:maben.homeip.net/static/blog

In the summaries below click on a month title and you will jump to a longer article ..

January:Holiday Runs
For every holiday, or at every home you can be sure that Agata and Marcus will be running. Running is a great cardio exercise during which time we can admire the sights, talk to each other, or tune into our latest Podcast.

February: DEFI Night
DEFI Sportif Lausannois is the name given to a series of Sporting events in and around Lausanne  (the Olympic Capital as you surely know).  Once per year; a celebration for participants of the programme is held and of course we would always try to attend.

The number of events that we participated in depends on our being in Lausanne at the right time but the 180Km Tour du Lac  the Lausanne Marathon and Lausanne Triathlon are races that we try not to miss.

March:Two Oceans 56Km Ultra Marathon
Two Oceans provided our first visit to South Africa and we are sure this will not be our last. CapeTown felt like a home from home.

April:Lausanne 20Km
Lausanne 20Km normally marks the first serious running race of the year, but in 2013 as above we had already ran Two Oceans.  So this year it was merely the first DEFI based running race.  And this year we had 2 hours or so of running in torrential rain. Let this reaffirm our determination should anybody question it.

May: Tour du Lac
This year we were thrilled that the Renwick family  (Pierre, Krissy and Alex) came out to help us and join in the 180Km cycle around Lake Leman.  So often friends talk about coming, but they actually arrived.  A good time was had by all.

June: Les Paccots

There were multiple challenges this month including a trail Paccots Marathon , the Trail de L'Absinthe marathon and the General Guisan Marche Romande.   With that and our daily run or cycling to work left us pretty exhausted.

July: L'Etape du Tour
Although over 15,000 amateur cyclists like us started the Annecy stage of the Tour de France a few weeks before the professionals, booking and executing this race was not easy.  However, Agata kept at it and once we had a confirmed place all the organisation necessary to transport us, and 2 bicycles the night before, and meet up with friends fell into place.  Well eventually.  The Tour was really exhausting and it gives us a new respect for the Superhuman tour professionals, for whom this is just one stage in 21. 

August:GrimReaper  160Km Run
Quite the longest running race of our lives so far.  Agata came in as second woman.  Wow!

During the race Marcus was ahead of Agata once by about 40 minutes but constant naps during the night meant that Agata caught me up and we finished hand in hand; together across the line; easily beating the 26 hour cutoff.

September:Warsaw Marathon
Warsaw is Agata's home town, so it is perhaps surprising that it took us until 2013 to run the marathon here.  The course was flat, the roads familiar and this helped Agata to another Personal Best, sub 4 hour marathon time.

October: Lausanne Marathon

Considering that Marcus often ran the Marathon route  i.e from home to work, a days work, then back from work to home,  the Lausanne could be categorised as a little boring for him.

However the good weather, some friends cheering us on, and even the nod from the local Wine owner who recognised Marcus from daily run commutes to work, made this a special race for us.

November: Two Journeys Home

Whatever the weather; we feel that daily exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.   If we can combine this with a low to zero carbon footprint to get to work, we begin to live the dream.  November runs became more poignant when it became clear that Marcus's current work segment was ending.  With an uncertain future it was time to really appreciate this last month of running and cycling.

December: A week of Swim
Marcus's old joke that his Swimming pool always seems to be full other people has a ring of truth to it.

And now with a [current] change of lifestyle there is the opportunity for a longer daily swim. Long may it continue.

Final Credits
The local canton Vaud Switzerland races; and most Swiss races are only made possible due to volunteers who plan, organise, and provide refreshments, marshaling during a race.  To all these individuals, we thank you.

Extreme thanks: To Agata for most of the organising, getting us there on time, and constant support and encouragement, along the lines of:  we can do this, and we shall do this.  

Piece of cake in fact.

We are not sure what 2014 holds but daily exercise, a smile and trying to remain healthy, and thus not a burden to society will surely be some of our parameters.