Sunday, December 01, 2013

20 years in the Business

Public Enemy:Harder than you think

In the video above, one of the recurrent themes is the reiteration that Public Enemy have been 20 years in the business, and that this should count for something.

I would like to concur and counter the X-Factor imagined world: that anybody can do anything, celebrity itself and not contribution should be the endgame.  

That talent is not required, hard work is not required, simply that an idea, and an opportunity would be sufficient.

In most professions.  You need to start early in life, teens perhaps, or for me (earlier :-).  Work hard at it.  Study a relevant College Subject.   Work practically to gain experience, in so doing acquire the professional qualifications, and finally arrive into the career not just a job.

So to all the other fossils out there,  who have also been /in your business/ for 20 years or more.   

YES, it does normally count for something

Public Enemy:Harder than you think
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