Tuesday, December 17, 2013

08 Advent Calendar: Ninja Protection

It is not only the Holiday Season, but in Christian countries the slogan goes ...

Peace on earth and goodwill between men

The idea is that this refers to peace between individuals is FALSE.  Actually it is towards men.  See this reference

But even so the mistaken majority are, out there, doing good deeds. Unfortunately this does not prevent bad people from doing bad things.

And hence in our home area near Epalinges, Switzerland we make use of kitten protection.   I'd like to introduce our crack, 3 member team:

Ungrateful kitty.  Pictured here surveying the home entrance.  If you try to get past her she will raise the alarm.

Tiny Paw: Like a normal kitten but somehow miniaturised. Attempted thieves are distracted and will just sit motionless saying aaaaawgh

Brave Paw:  Fearless and can act as a stroking decoy cat if criminals arrive.

Our brave volunteers

  • Work without pay
  • Work during Christfsmas and New Year
  • During unsocial hours including nights and weekends
  • Able to work in sub zero temperatures
  • Frequently use the element of surprise tactic
  • Use the must stroke me now decoy measure
  • Protect their territory  (apparently it's their's not ours)

With this protection as well as our surveillance cameras  we feel quite safe.