Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Preparations

Disclaimer: Marcus and Agata are not accredited healthcare professionals.  But we hope we are not idiots!

So, what preparations do we make for the winter season?

What you should not do

  • The Christmas season has already started.  However stopping exercising and frequenting office 'celebration' parties of  drinking and abusively eating. NO! 
  • Some people actually take a 100% exercise break over Christmas.  To us, again NO!  At most go easy, but there is no excuse not to take a good walk daily.  Certainly try to maintain a 10,000 step minimum

What you should do

  • Put away summer exercise clothes.  In Lausanne, winter weather temperature will normally be between -5 to +5 degrees Centigrade

    Before you head over to the likes of Start Fitness or Wiggle to order winter replacements, check what you already have!
  • It might be time to stop cycling as the snow starts.  But make sure you fully dismantle, clean, and hibernate your bicycle carefully.  If you don't have the skills then take it to a Bike Shop, they will be glad of the custom in the winter months.
  • Dress appropriately according to distance and temperature.  

    We use WeatherPro  to judge forthcoming weather for the next day and week
  • Long distance training (say 20K+) will need layered clothing. You will likely get hotter in the middle of the run (layer off), and then colder towards the end
  • Precautionary clothing: What happens if it suddenly starts to snow, or it gets dark, or you lose your way.  We carry rucksacks with emergency items in winter.
  • No Solo: Training with a friend means less chance of stupidity  (you can't both get lost in the mountains right?),  shared carrying  (you carry most of the food and I'll carry the hydration)

And of course the essentials:

Turn up the eating to offset the extra energy you will be burning

Take advantage of the long winter nights to increase sleeping