Saturday, November 09, 2013

When you know you are not wealthy

I recently posted to a Google+ cars discussion that the McLaren P1 was of no interest to me.  It was just /ridiculously/ expensive. I did however venture that its appearance might push down the price of the MP4-12C.

To me the now rendered mundane (by the press) but to me sublime Mclaren MP4-12C was a tough but attainable target. [NB: In Switzerland where all cars are overpriced I'm not so sure, but back in England, almost a snip, and in our old basement apartment garage there were 2 McLarens there already]

So what I'm saying is when I look at any technology or gadget, for me to feel connected, it needs to be attainable.  Here are 5 unattainable items, for me, and well most people

  1. McLaren P1 sportscar

  2. An apartment in New York, off the Park

  3. Your own Island

  4. A Learjet 60

  5. A Hublot or similar diving watch  (Hublot is less than 30Km from our Lausanne home)

What has brought about this miserable feeling of impoverishment?  Why,  the Internet of course.  It brings home the red pill of reality.

This instantaneous communications medium immediately shows us all what is available but at a price.  And by writing this blogpost I'm adding to this visible inequality.
And that brings me back to cars and the Eagle low drag GT  In this exceptional case, just to prove a point about my dis-interest I'll lay down some gorgeous photographs

Yes, so at 600K GBP  (about 1M CHF or 1M USD) it's quite ridiculously unattainable.  I urge most of our readers not to consider it further.

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