Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two journeys home

What will you see if you zoom in on this picture?

Why on the left you will see Marcus's TomTom heart rate belt and on the right Agata's Garmin.

Because we are both right when it comes to technology and also both stubborn we could obviously only agree to disagree on our exercise monitoring technology :-)

We can also both agree to export our activities into Runkeeper and let each other view our exercise attempts

Marcus cycled:
Marcus cycled in sub zero temperatures and windy conditions and still managed a respectable 25Km/h average.  He also managed to get his heart rate average up past 130 as a test.

Here is the normal home cycle heart rate.  You see I made a real effort!

And after cleaning the bicycle and a shower things return to normal.

Although the blood pressure stays low.  That's good right :-)

Over to Agata

As usual she upstaged me by running uphill for 6Km with a rucksack full of clothes and a 3Kg laptop.    What a hero!

So after all of this exercise, well we are ready to repeat it all again tomorrow.

In fact this morning in Lausanne ...

Yes, it is even colder today.  Just about -5 degrees.

 Number of steps today

Km walked+run

Nevertheless even better totals for today (Wednesday :=)

It is truly wonderful to be young and healthy.  

Long may it continue.