Friday, November 01, 2013

The Quantified Self

I have to admit that a combination of technology and my inclination are sending me headlong into 

The Quantified Self

In summary this is a movement whereby your body is continuously monitored for its well-being by a raft of digital technology.

Blood Pressure is normally monitored Daily.   I'm trying to keep it down below 110. Under_pressure

Heart Rate:I'm now carrying one and sometimes 2 heart rate monitors 24x7.   I need to work on exercising harder,  at 100 bpm or below it's just embarrasing

Sleep, one of my favourite activities needs increasing.  I predict a lifestyle change soon to accomplish this

Not monitored yet. Although I think the bulking up for winter has gone too far.  Weight loss is desperately required.

So, where is it all heading?

I believe the next great step forward in healthy living, for people who are prepared to try [this excludes lazy people, or people who do no exercise and moan a lot] is

Continuous body monitoring, of sleep, activity, calorie intake, blood pressure, heart rate.

When I'm more confident with the devices I have recently started using I'll report further.