Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sunday Sermon:Can everything be forgiven?

There is an English expression that

People have short memories

However, when it comes to acts of terrorism and violence, digital information sources and the power of search engines like Google, now definitively means

Once committed, never forgotten

2001 911 World Trade Centre Attack
2001 Suicide Attack Indian Parliament
2002 Bali Nightclub bombing
2003 Marriott Hotel Jakarta bombing
2004 Madrid Train bombing
2005 London Underground, England
2006 Mumbai Train bombing
2007 Glasgow Airport bombing
2008 Ahemebad India bombing
2009 Peshewar Car bomb
2010 Times Square bomb attempt
2011 Kashgar China bombings
2012 Iraq Baghdad bombings
2013 Boston Marathon bombing
2013 Kenyan, Nairobi, Westgate Shopping Centre