Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunday Sermon: So much Beauty in this World

Winter has at last arrived at home here in Lausanne Switzerland.  

But besides the nonsensical seasonal excitations   (of course I refer to the media inspired  Shopping frenzies),  Marcus and Agata have noticed a disturbing trend creeping across our neighbourhood.

On the path from our apartment to the local forest we find the dismembered remains of a motorcycle.

It has been there for several weeks now.

As responsible adults we make sure that all our PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles are recycled.  However a change in the local law means that PET recycling is now must be the responsibility of shops and not the council.  

So late this Saturday we decided to walk to the Supermarket to deposit our cargo, the PET container box outside our apartments having been removed.

Agata smiles wonderfully but I can also see the graffiti.

A discarded ladies handbag

Some locals feel that the educational notices are better overwritten with spray paint

And that the stream is a fine place to dump their rubbish.

Even ALDI bears the scars of a mindless attack.

Q:So how can I comment?

 The forest is perfectly beautiful on its own.

A:If you don't have the imagination, or creativity, or patience to create and make a positive contribution.

Then try very hard not to make a negative / destructive one.

So much beauty in this world, dubstep
American Beauty, the end