Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sick in Switzerland

Marcus is not very well, in fact this is week 5 of an increasingly worrying chest complaint.

Agata expressed it nicely:  "Sometimes your body just can't repair itself correctly, no matter what fine food you eat or rest you might take.  So your condition will deteriorate and eventually you will die."

With this clear explanation Marcus thought it was time to:

See a doctor!

In fact my airways have been contracting for 5 weeks now.  This made the Lausanne Marathon  more difficult to run than usual, and now I find it difficult to sleep, since when lying down I am almost breathless.

 So how did it go?

  • Seeing the doctor was non trivial.  For example my first visit on a Thursday was met with a locked door /We don't open on Thursdays/!!
  • Then I tried waiting in the doctor's surgery:  No: come back later
  • #3 with a firm appointment I came back only to find still too busy

Eventually I was seen and found that:

  1. We still have a most charming and capable doctor 
  2. Something is indeed wrong with the lungs
  3. Antibiotics are required as a first step
  4. It was ludicrously expensive, but we are in Switzerland, so, no real surprise
  5. Despite telling the pharmacist that we knew the directions, they printed the labels (in French) and charged us over 6GBP  (10CHF) for the service.

  6. On the positive side (?), this airway restriction is raising my heart rate, at last!

Overall since we believe in medicine and science we hope that shortly all will be well.