Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Questionable Jaybird Customer Service

This is a short moan about the once technically excellent Jaybird Freedom Sprint JF4 Bluetooth headphones.

We reviewed it here in December 2012

I did remark how that considering the huge expense  (about 150 US Dollars) that they better last a long time ...

#1 First, the right ear something worked loose resulting in an annoying rattling sound.

Agata went back to the ebay seller for replacement but the eBay shop had closed down.

No problem she thought and wrote to Jaybird themselves. We were astonished to find that although only a few months old Jaybird told us

Warranty ineffective: Because you did not buy them from an authorised reseller. (It's here in their conditions)

[We note, these are not fake products, so must have been produced in the Jaybird factory.  We thought using the test of reasonable-ness that the warranty should apply]

SO, Agata attempted to continue using the headphones anyway

#2  The battery life diminished to 2 hours and plus it took over 8 hours to recharge the headphones

#3   The right earphone stopped working completely

Now therefore the headphones are effectively useless.

I'm rather upset that since these are genuine headphones, and must have come from a real Jaybird manufacturing plant, that they are somehow NOT under a manufacturers warranty.

I'd like to say that we would not buy Jaybird again based on this experience, but they are pretty much the only game in town.

(Update ...  Soon to be available Asus EB50N Bluetooth / Nearfield Headphones )