Sunday, November 17, 2013

Poof: That smells nice

With all that running and cycling our closet in the hall is, well in need of some deodorising.

Of course our sports shoes and soles are regularly washed, if necessary in the washing machine. In fact we have a basic rule that any clothing item can be used for at most 1 day, but we need more.

And recently Agata's test run of the Glade Sense and Spray automatic freshener has gone very well!

It is a battery operated, motion sensing, spray "poof" dispensing air freshener.

Okay, we have the ugly duckling model, the only one we could find in Switzerland.  It's only advantage is it can be wall mounted.

 Inside 2 batteries and a canister.

Over 10 different aromas, some are shown above.

I initially thought the device an extravagance, but in the last week the automatic freshening every time we open the hall shoe cupboard is now just expected.  Recommended.