Monday, November 11, 2013

Out and about on a Sunday

For Marcus and Agata; Sunday comes closest to being idle. And that means gentle exercise, typically swimming.  If only other people could stay out of /our pool/ and perhaps 

perform more traditional Sunday Lausanne activities ...  Well anyway, for us:

Marcus and Agata walked down to the pool gently.  Any slower and our measured heart rate might have indicated sleeping.

 Quite a few tuner cars where we live

We are pleased to see that even the construction equipment is parked neatly ... Swiss styly.

Autumn is really here.  It was chilly 7.1 degrees as we left

Arrival to the our Mon Repos pool:

We make a modest 1Km or so swim.   Actually 63, 25metre lengths, but the new technology Marcus is testing is not quite working correctly!

Agata's swim was marginalised by the fact that all her swimming players have one or more earphones broken.  To be fixed another day.

On the way home:

At the butchers we notice that Bambi is available to eat

Those crazy fundamentalist have nothing to do with me, our lady proclaims.

 A nice oldie  (click to view those CRX seats)

At 2Km into our walk uphill home, torrential rain began :-(

Although at least this time the new gadget correctly records the ascent around 200metres.

But of course we were prepared for rain with our sooper dooper MEC waterproof jackets

Now we had the opportunity to relax for the rest of this Sunday.