Saturday, November 16, 2013

Infatuated with Jack

If I told you that my darling wife has become infatuated with a man called Jack you might believe there would be cause for concern.

But I tell you that I too have become infatuated with Lee Child's Jack Reacher super-hero,   you might rest slightly easier.

Both Agata and Marcus can whisk away the time as we plug in to our iPhone and iPod respectively because, of course our chosen format is the  audiobook  [it seems usually from Brilliance Audio]

Background: Jack Reacher is an ex Military Policeman who after 13 years of decorated service, resigns to live an anonymous life in the US catching up on places and experiences he missed since his formative years were spent outside of the USA.

What is so attractive with Jack?

  • A combination of brains and brawn
  • Jack never seems to be wrong
  • Good moral character, especially in the face of being irrestitible to women
  • Lee Child's gripping an ingenious plots make the reader think.  Can we the reader out-think Jack and solve the puzzle ahead of time

Of course Agata and Marcus are rather to busy to read any print edition so we would recommend the Amazon audio books.

And to get started, watch the Tom Cruise movie 

Amazon Jack Reacher