Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary Darling

You might accuse Marcus of being overly sentimental but I am excited to report that Marcus and Agata just celebrated another Wedding anniversary.

Now, neither Agata or Marcus are to be classified as extroverts however I can truly say that we are both very proud to say online that we have never been happier [with each other].

Marcus would comment that as Geeks,  possibly intellectuals, and some might say introverts, our chances of finding the perfect partner might have been marked as low.   We might prefer the [audio] book club to the boogie.   The documentary on Climate Change rather than Twitter.

We thought about some principles that define a real relationship with your partner:

  1. They have the benefit of the doubt in any situation
  2. Love unconditionally
  3. Too painful to live apart
  4. Holidays apart are unacceptable and undesirable
  5. We both know about the 993, 996, 997, 991 and R8.
  6. We both enjoy daily exercise. If I'm going, you are coming.  We do it together whenever we possibly can.
  7. Try never to be sick, and when your partner is, try very hard to get them better!
  8. Listening is great.  Especially to painful work injustices, or the horrible-ness of bullies and rogues.
  9. Honesty must be 100%: No white lies, or you look so great  (when you don't). The absolute truth, all of the time.
  10. Lots of Sex

On our Anniversary:

  1. Marcus took Agata to the Computer shop to look at new laptops
  2. Agata asked Marcus to change our wheels to Winter Tyres

  3. We stocked up on Wine.  We hear a shortage is coming :-)
  4. Lots of ...
Global Wine Storage