Thursday, November 21, 2013

GT-R is back

Our decision not to purchase a Nissan GT-R I some years back still echoes in my mind.

It was based primarily on the lack of folding rear seats of the 2012+ GT-R and a rather more important fact .... we take pains never to drive any car unless absolutely necessary.

It's far more environmentally friendly and way cooler to just run or cycle instead.

But now I am being taunted with GT-R pictures everywhere, this time in the latest Elysium film that I was told to review

I can also admit to having sneeked a peek at the latest offers on Swiss website Comparis

So compared with the Mclaren MP4  (dear Mclaren, we could be your best and most careful advocates after your MP4 donation, honestly),  it's a big old beast, but still just sooo attractive.

[Note to darling wife Agata: So far, self control is intact !]

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