Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From R8

(Watch the full 14 video sequence for the Audi R8  here )

Today a tale of changing times and expectations .....

I do remember 2 years ago Marcus and Agata had seriously looked into Audi R8 ownership.  

The dealer visits had been made, the specifications refined and the costs /justified/.  Perhaps the final stumbling block was the R-tronic transmission, a step backward from our then current DSG  (Dual Clutch) transmission.

All that is now rectified, and if you have the patience I recommend that you leaf through the 14 videos as they sample the full delights of the V10 plus model.

SO are we about to order?

No: you are not going to believe this.   Aspirations have changed.  Funds are diverted.  Below you see our periodic savings are now being allocated towards

A recreational vehicle!

We divided the purchase into segments and when we have saved enough money we colour in a square.  As you can see, that is nearly done.

Of course the purchase is not scheduled for 2103 or even 2014, and we do have to make some test hires to see if we can scale down to RV living.

But soon it will be nice to know that when the times comes we are ready to go.

Audi R8 Pricing and Specification Guide
Tracker FB example video