Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Box

Black Box: EveryBody Everybody

In Engineering parlance a Black Box can be thought of as an abstraction, a device or subsystem that performs a function without the need for one to know or care exactly how.

And here we can see that Black Box is also a late 80's pop group.   Unfortunately the songs above are really the only notable ones and after their Dreamland album that was more or less it.   

So let us go back to Engineering.

These days, many people are interesting in owning, selling, talking about, or showing off their new Technological Gadgets.   From iPhones, to Laptops to SmartWatches.

However the majority of the population have no idea how these items actually work.  They are 'looked down on' as merely black boxes.

Next time you use one, or brag about it to your friends, perhaps reconsider the status in your mind of the  averagely paid Electronics Engineers (et al) who after 4 years at University, and maybe a decade working have then turned the idea  (the easy bit)  into hard silicon and made it work, reliably.

Electronics Weekly jobs

Ride on Time, 12" mix audio
Everybody Everybody, Rockapella Mix
Dreamland album