Monday, November 25, 2013

BBC Play of the Week:Well, He Would, Wouldn't He?

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On Friday November 15th 2013 we were treated to a play called

Well He Would, Wouldn't He

This is a now famous quote from Mandy Rice Davies, who actually introduces the radio play itself.

This above phrase is now cemented into some sections of British society and for this reason, and also to refresh youngsters who may not be immediately familiar with the Profumo affair in the early 1960's, you should make sure to listen to this charming play.


By Charlotte Williams. In 1963, eighteen year old Mandy Rice-Davies found herself caught up in one of the most sensational events of the 20th century - the trial of Stephen Ward.

Peter Rachman

Stephen Ward

Christine Keeler

So please listen now  and be enchanted.

Mandy Rice-Davies
He Would, Wouldn't He