Thursday, November 14, 2013

Agata saves the day again

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Further to admitting to being a little sick I just made yet another visit to the doctors.

Given the 2 degree Centigrade temperature I was only able to cycle there thanks to several layers of thermal clothing.

I locked the bicycle and then ventured up for another body-service.  In the middle of my consultation Agata rang to say she had discovered a key outside our basement cave and was it mine?

On finishing up I found ... yes, it was indeed the key to my bicycle lock currently attaching my bicycle to a staircase at the doctors.

I was duly trapped until Agata, my very capable wife came to cycle over to rescue me, yet again.

She did suggest that if this kind of rescue was going to be a regular occurrence perhaps she could stop working altogether.

I am placing this request under serious consideration :-)

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