Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 days of Nexus 5: Day 010: Teardown

Surely everybody knows that iFixit is an infamous website that dismantles gadgets to see how easy they are to repair.

And further iFixit came to fame by supplying tools to make the impossible almost possible with its well regarded range of tools to dismantle Apple computers and gadgets as well as custom crafted parts for Apple.  We are iFixit customers of course.

Today IFIXIT  also evaluates non Apple brands

And this brings us to the 

Nexus 5 teardown

Nexy-5 scored a big  8 out of 10

Apple iPhone 5-S scored 6 out of 10

So I guess it is Google 8, vs Apple 6

iFixit teardown of Nexy 5
Nexus 5 Service Manual