Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 Days of Nexus 5: Day 001: Faster

I've not been at all interested in 4G networking, because

a) 3G or H gives me upto 5 M bits/second download in Lausanne

b) Surely it would be a decade before the relaxed Swiss telecomms operators got a grip and released 4G?

But I am pleased to be totally wrong.   I put my /old/ Swisscom SIM into nexy-5 and just check these speeds

 At the train station at Vevey

 At home in the lounge

At home in Bed  (Man that is fast over a mobile phone line! I triple checked the wireless was off)

On the Wifi in the Study

These speeds are just unbelievably fast.   I could torrent download a full Linux CD distribution in under  2 minutes, via the phone line.  I am almost speachless.

Moving on, here are the CPU Z displays

Really outstanding specifications and implementation.  Nexus 5 ++