Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Days of Nexus 5: Day 00

As time marches on I must admit to recoiling against leading edge.   New technology without a reason is, well, just vulgar. (And to remind everyone, showing off, is never a valid reason)

However, if in a moments stupidity you had perhaps  broken your Nexus 4 phone  then an upgrade to a Google Nexus 5 phone would be, well, quite natural.

Over the next week I'll try to find something useful to say about this quite wonderful and amazing product

Day 000: Price, Availability and Hello

Overall,  and I may sound quite confessional,  I have owned the Google Nexus phone since November 1st.   Quite unexpected.

Perhaps Google learnt from the shambles of the Nexus 4 launch whereby the phone was widely unavailable even 3 months after launch.   By comparison on November 1, AM, Digitec had an advertisement on its website.   I ordered it about 02.00 on Monday November 1, expecting it come some weeks later.  However less than 20 hours later Agata had picked it up from Digitec

Un flipping believable.

In Switzerland I could not find the 32GB version so I had to settle for the 16GB model

As for price, well Digitec were marking up the phone by at least 25% over the UK price, but I thought about the disadvantages of mail order in case of a warranty issue etc.

Congratulations Google.   The price was still relatively low for this high end, high specification smartphone, and this time delivery exceeded all expectations!