Friday, October 18, 2013

Vendange 2013

My calculated excuse for the tardy Half Marathon home last night was Photography duty.

About this time of year the vineyards from Vevey to Lausanne are subject to the yearly Vendange or Harvest.

On the left is the lake, on the right we have teams picking grapes and manually transporting them down stairs into containers.

 Stones, used for ??

 Thin vineyards are present even on the lakeside part of the road


Arrival at Cully where the pumpkin fairy has visited

Nature calls at the lakeside toilets Cully

Even here Kitty facilities are provided by homeowners

 Some rather large lakeside houses here

 With some stunning views

Owners have the Aston Cygnet

 And a classic Fiat or two

 Have you saved up a few pennies.  Then do browse

Sunset as I approach Lutry

And with that I have to speed up and get home before nightfall.  Only another 6km from Lutry.   Quite easy despite the hills.

Vendange 2012

November update ....   Wine has started to appear on our local Supermarket shelves ...