Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Upgrading the Juicer

Since January 2013 Agata and Marcus made a small but noticeable improvement to our drinking lifestyle.

For fruit juice we only drink home freshly squeezed juice.   We showed you how, here.    There was a small update in August, namely the availability of Oranges in particular.

Today we upgraded the Juicer! Let us introduce the Russell Hobbs Allure Juicer

Motor Power and Features
We chose this model because

  • At a cost of <50 GBP it is not going to break the bank.  (The cost of oranges in just a month or two will easily exceed this).
  • It has a powerful 100 Watt motor.  This enables me to easily juice about 500ml of Orange juice in less than 2 minutes.
  • There is a special extract juice from pulp high speed mode (use at end of juice only since it clogs funnel)
  • The pulp holder is made from metal  (I think essential to keep it rigid)
  • A drip stop lever on spout can pause flow of juice
  • The top 2 parts are reasonably easy to clean  (though the top pulp holder edge is just a bit too sharp for me)

Removable Parts

Main Instructions
Note the special high speed mode to squeeze juice out of the pulp.

The top two parts shown above can be washed under the tap, or in our case tap first and dishwasher second.

A good upgrade to our juicing lifestyle. 

Russell Hobbs Allure Juicer
Allure PDF manual