Monday, October 21, 2013

The Maintenance Manual

I have a small hunch that this week several American Computer companies will launch a smorgasbord of new products.

Just in case you are salivating and waiting to believe that purchases of said technology will lead you to the promised land of Engineering excellence, I shall remind you all [again] that 

Asthetic Beauty  DOES NOT EQUAL Good Engineering.

These days it is of course a tradeoff, and a non replaceable Lithium Ion battery stuck with adhesive to the inside of a portable computer might be slightly more space efficient than a socketed replaceable one.

So there are tradeoffs

But sometimes a company makes extra special efforts to make their products un-servicable.    Let's say

  • They use strange screws and connectors requiring specialist non standard tools
  • They forget to publish a Maintenance Manual

As an example of Better Engineering Design I'd point you to the Lenovo Yoga 2 Ultrabook.  Besides these technical specifications

They also

Now if it only had 16GB of memory like my 4 year old HP Envy, (required for Virtualisation)  then it would have been a buy.