Friday, October 11, 2013

Sennheiser CX 175 Headphones

Not only did I leave my Apple iPod Nano behind in Switzerland but also my headphones.  So for the Warsaw Marathon we made a hurried trip to the electronics store in search of some quality running headphones

What were the criterion?

  • Ultra low weight  (of course!)
  • Symmetric design: not a fan or earbuds whose cables come out at an angle (fall out whilst running)
  • Symmetric cables: cables to either earbud are the same size   (not the loop design with one cable fatter than the other)
  • +Good to have cable tie, enabling cables to hold tight around neck
  • As short as possible (body length) so has least chance of falling out

And after a lot of searching: Sennheiser CX 175 because

  1. Extremely light weight
  2. Symmetric cable design with tie
  3. Very short headphone body, least chance of falling out
  4. Sits inside ear so will wear comfortably under a bike or cycle or ski helmet
  5. Comes with 3 bug sizes small/ medium/ large
  6. Amazing noise isolation, you hear your music not the outside world
  7. Slight criticism: the jack end is overly large (I don't mind the right angle)

Trivia: How can you tell left and right headphones since they are not marked?  The left has a tiny pimple on the cable coming out of the earbud.