Friday, October 25, 2013

Patience is a virtue young Grasshopper

My running colleague Denis was amazed that after so many years of running I still don't own a running/ sports watch!

I am missing a lot of detailed stats on the close to 100Km run weekly.

I do use Runkeeper on my mobile phone but this means that only some runs are recorded, but for example no swims.

I decided to put it right and before this weekends marathon get one.   A mail order later it arrived today:  well sort of.   Wiggle (UK)   often now uses a courier instead of post.

Disaster ...

I needed the goods for the weekend, but the **courier** company unlike the post office is NOT OPEN on Saturday.


SO what are the learning points?

  • Living in Switzerland means the supply chain between the product that you want and getting it is usually long
  • Often the product that we search for is not available locally and needs to be imported
  • Importing means at best the Post Office,  Swiss Customs, a "we delivered but you are out card," and a subsequent trip to pickup
  • But in the case of using a courier  then delivery will take longer! [for example]  DH useLess, it means calling before 20.00 to rearrange.  They are closed after that!
  • And as shown above, we are of course not open at the weekend (Saturday or Sunday).  In fact the depot closes at 18.00 [Reminder, this is an international courier company!]
  • Living in Switzerland aligns nicely with the slow moving, cautious Swiss stereotype.  I have retrained my expectations of getting anything here in a hurry.

    But just once it would be good to have been proven wrong :-(