Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nipple Guard

For men, running longer distances, say >15Km can come  an unexpected injury.

Sore Nipples.

Until now I've used some pretty unscientific solutions

a) Vaseline - but it rubs off
b) Duct tape - but it can tear the skin when you remove it
c) Vaseline and duct tape - still it tears the skin.

On the epic 160Km run I found after over 20 hours of running and sweating the duct tape actually tore the skin before removal.  And 2 months later I still have scars that I fear could be permanent.

So I have investigated a more professional solution and have come up with

Nip Guard

It is a fairly simple hexagonal piece of foam with some adhesive on one side.  Some depth and a covering surface to enclose the male nipple.

I did find that it might not stick well so 2 slivers of duct tape is also used to hold it in place, per nipple.   Tested last on the Warsaw marathon - worked a treat.

Nip Guards at Amazon