Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mac-atastrophe - A death in the family

At 19.00 Tuesday, October 22nd technology was humming along just fine in the Marcus and Agata household.

Marcus was innocently watching the Apple Announcements relayed using the CNET live blog with molly wood.

Agata was just arriving.

Then,  Agata arrived and of course first duty was to start her computer.

Her Mac Mini   (reformatted to run  Windows 7, Native)  offered a BLANK SCREEN

2 hours later  after we had tried

  • Transporting to the cooler server room
  • An alternate screen
  • Alternate HDMI cable
  • Mini Display Port interface
  • Different Keyboard/ Mouse
  • Disconnected all other devices
  • Unplugged for 30 mins, && Let it cool down

No, still dead a dodo.

We find it an incredibly strange co-incidence that this should happen on Apple announcement day.

Does Apple have planned product failure built into its hardware, coinciding with announcement days?

Yes, Paranoid we are.

If I cast my mind back to the last time we disassembled the Mac Mini

So we are unsure as to the next steps, including:

  1. Buy Another Mac Mini . Are you kidding me!
  2. Salvage the internal SSD's  (nightmare dissassembly) then attach to another MAC just to read the disk contents
  3. Give up on the Mini, and beat it to death with a large hammer
  4. Just buy another PC desktop/ ultrabook and forget about that Mac Mini fantasy.
The Mac Mini [current generation] is in line with Apple's un-user serviceable  maximum non-standard, non replaceable hardware strategy.  It's now bitten us.


20131024 Postscript
Mini is still down.   One last test is to put it into the freezer (inside an airtight bag), then repower when it is chilled.

20131025 iF**it  teardowns
I notice the opening of the new Apple MacBook Pro 13 and 15 are online.  
MacBookPro 13 -> score 1/10 
MacBookPro 15 -> score 1/10