Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Logitech H800 Wireless Headset

I'm not sure what the world's best Wireless Headset is; but from a comfort and functional point of view the Logitech H800 takes some beating.

Here is our mini-review

Why Wireless
The nice thing about a wireless headset is that you can potter around, in our case our tiny apartment whilst still on the phone.  We don't have a landline telephone any more meaning all voice calls come in via:

SIP  (on my Android phone or Samsung Galaxy Camera)
Google Talk/ Hangouts

The freedom to pootle into the kitchen to make that coffee or to start preparing dinner whilst you are in the middle of that long [yet boring and tedious] teleconference cannot be underestimated.

The H800 connects to your computer via a tiny nano USB transceiver and to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Controls and Buttons

Besides selecting computer connection or Bluetooth, there are buttons for volume up/down and music track forward/backward.

Microphone & Folding Stuff
Obviously there is a microphone and it swivels out of the way if you are just listening to music.  Also the headphones do hinge at the sides of the headband so they sort of pack up.

Micro USB, I  have a general purpose cable which rotates between the headset, Bluetooth Speaker and Nexus phone. (Apple users, micro USB is the charging socket your company is too proud to use) 

Works via Bluetooth with a Chromebook, via the USB Dongle with Windows  (including server 2008/2012) and OSX.

The Logitech H800 is a very versatile headset.  It costs about 90CHF  (60GBP)  and you can use it to listen comfortably to music or with the inbuilt microphone for 2 way computer phone calls or as Bluetooth headset to your mobile.

Logitech H800